Rohan Rege is a designer from Mumbai, now living in New York City.

After previously working at Bombay-based firms Umbrella Design and Rocking.Company, he switched continents to get a master's degree in Design from the School of Visual Arts.

How do you pronounce his name?

Rohan is like Johann, but start with an R instead. You probably know if you're into hobbits and shit. Rege is like jamaican music. Or barbecue sauce. Or shark.

Incidentally, Bob Marley, the legendary reggae icon, named his sixth son — Rohan. No joke.

He is also a musician, occassionally producing lowkey bangers for friends.

Gold Cube, Young Ones

Art Directors Club New York, 2020

Certificate of Typographic Excellence

Type Directors Club New York, 2020

Bronze Abby

The Advertising Club India, 2019

Silver & Bronze

Communication Arts Guild India, 2017

Please write to him for work inquiries, full portfolio and résumé.

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